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  • Umpf: $Context->Session->UserID is always 0! Why?
  • @Tiggr: you probably need to put:

    define('NOSESSION', true)
    somewhere in dokuwiki.php.

    Anyway, I've written a new class for this purpose (ie. make DokuWiki use Vanilla authentication). The source is in the wiki at: vanilla:integration:dokuwiki

    Works for me, I hope someone else will find it useful too.
  • OK, now it works! Thank you very much!
  • edited August 2007
    Took me some time, until it realy worked, but now it runs like a rocket! Thank you very much! Tschüss Tiggr (aka Marcus) PS: Forum: Wiki: (I still have to do something about design...)
  • edited September 2007
    Just to let you know, the reason you get all the errors is because Vanilla sets it's error reporting to all, but Dokuwiki uses a bad practice and doesn't check if the variables are set first. To put it simply, it's a Dokuwiki bug.
    To fix it, you can change the core of Dokuwiki, or you can add
    after the require_once lines in vanilla.class.php

    However, I can't log in. I get the same problem as Tiggr, but I've definitely got it in there (local.php actually, since that's where your settings should go).
  • I'm very sorry I can't help you, I've just deleted my first dokuwiki installation and did it again: And than it worked fine!
  • Well, for now, I'm going to give up on it and just leave the users seperate.
  • edited November 2007
    (sorry my english is not very good)

    I follow the instruction of the wiki page for integration of dokuwiki.

    I think i have done correctly the instruction. first I had the problem with magic-quotes-gpc. i created a file htaccess whith this line : SetEnv MAGIC_QUOTES 0. it's ok

    Now, I obtain these error

    have you a idea about that ?

    I use vanilla 1.1.3 and dokuwiki 2007-06-26b
  • oups !!

    I add this line like rmccue :

    I don't have any mor error, but i don't believe the identification is working,
    I'm coming back soon
  • Im having issues with this as well.

    All I have done is make the changes noted in the documentation file located here:

    I've not been able to get it working. Right now, all I get is a blank screen when I try and go to the wiki.

    Does anyone have more detailed steps... any order.. any things that need to be configured outside of those file changes... etc?

    Thanks in advance

  • Is there anyone that can help with this? Is the MediaWiki integration better? I'd really like to get this working asap. Thanks in advance JB
  • Hi!

    I took three tries, doing in my opinion always the same, but only the third try worked. :-(

    But I don't know, what the difference made!

  • Hi Tiggr, Thanks for being willing to help. Could you maybe explain to me what you did exactly? Did you do anything different from what the documentation here says: I'd really like to get this working as soon as possible. Thanks in advance JB
  • Is anyone successfully using a wiki integrated with Vanilla? I really need some help.
  • All I did, was following the instructions...

    And I've added two lines to local.php

    $conf['superuser'] = '@Administrator';
    $conf['disableactions'] = 'register,resendpwd,profile,login,logout';

    And this is changed/new in conf/dokuwiki.php:

    $conf['defaultgroup']= 'user'; //Default groups new Users are added to
    $conf['superuser'] = '!!not set!!'; //The admin can be user or @group
    $conf['manager'] = '@Moderatoren'; //The manager can be user or @group

    /* Vanilla */
    /* Mandatory */

    define('NOSESSION', true);
    $conf['authtype'] = 'vanilla';

    /* Optional */
    define('VANILLA_ROOT', '/home/orgaohnenamen_de/www/forum/'); /* This is the default */
    $conf['acl'] = 1; /* You probably have this set already */
    $conf['disableactions'] = 'login,logout,profile,register,resendpwd'; /* Now handled by Vanilla */
    $conf['passcrypt'] = 'md5'; /* Not really necessary, set automatically by the authentication backend */

    And this is new inside the .htaccess, it's very rude, but I did it:

    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
    php_flag display_errors 0

    That's all I remember.
  • Woot! I don't know what happened (probably the magic quotes was my undoing), but it works! Now, to just set up ACL...

    Thanks Tiggr!
  • It is not necessary to make any changes to conf/dokuwiki.php. That file contains all the default settings for a dokuwiki setup, anything you place in conf/local.php will override what is in the dokuwiki.php.
    All default values are stored in a file called conf/dokuwiki.php. If you want to modify a setting you should do this in a file called conf/local.php – this makes sure your special configs are not overwritten by a later upgrade. The config manager will use this file as well.
    -- taken from
  • Thanks Tiggr and sirlancelot for your help! I'm going to try again tonight, and hopefully I can get it working. If so, I'll try and document the process in detail for others. Thanks again, and if anyone else has any tips for this I'd appreciate it.
  • Hmm, it seems as though it's not working anymore. Damn. I'm going to look into this and see if I can get it working again, as it's locked me out of my wiki :P
  • Vanilla is reporting (well, the $Context variable is) that I'm not logged in, although I am. Could this be a cookie path problem?
  • Quite possible. Or an issue with your server if it's broken randomly. What have you got set as your cookie path?
  • Ah, it's set to "/forums/" — Should I set it to just "/"?
  • Yes, if you want to use Vanilla's auth outside of its own directory, setting the cookie's domain as "/" should do the trick.
  • Nope, still getting nothing. Maybe restarting the browser might help...
  • Nope. Now it doesn't seem to be setting a cookie at all :-(
  • OK, fine now. Thanks :-)
  • And what did the trick?
  • Yeah, I'm still having issues... Maybe the Mediawiki integration works better? Has anyone tried that?
  • I think it was setting the cookie path to "/"
  • edited December 2007
    just installed and integrated DokuWiki and so far it seems to be succesfully integrated. Used documentation from Vanilla comunity wiki and it works fine.

    I just wanted to mention that If you have spaces in role names you can use %20 as space in acl.auth.php
    For example if you have Role name e.g. "Allowed enough", you can use:
    * @Allowed%20enough 8
    Also utf-8 characters in role names work, you just need utf-8 capable editor to add such role into acl.auth.php

    I had to comment check for magic_quotes_gpc, because there is no way for me how to disable it by .htaccess (causes 500 ISE, I have to contact my provider).
    But anyway so far it works fine. Does anybody know what can happen if I have magic_quotes_gpc turned on?
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