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edited November 2009 in Questions
This discussion is related to the PFC addon.


  • **FIXED** phpFreeChat is now packaged with PFC.

    I really, really wish I could include phpFreeChat with the extension, but it just won't fit in the 100 kB size limit no matter how savagely I hack at it. Maybe the 1.0-final release of phpFreeChat will be smaller, but I rather doubt it. I would need at least 200 kB to cram it all in.
  • I believe one of the board admins will be able to upload a larger file for you squirrel, just ask them ;)
  • Hey, you got your sensible advice in my self-pity. Hm. I'll play around with it more and give that a try. Thanks, Stash.
  • Okay, I can get it down under 275 kB without sacrificing any functionality. If any admin can help me upload this, I would be grateful. Thanks!
  • Help him! Help him! :-)
  • Upload the file somewhere else and provide a 'full version' download link meanwhilst. PS - cool! I was about to request this someday soon anyway :D I'll try this out later.
  • I'm having a slight problem. I got it all up but when I visit the page it says: "You must be connected to send a message" .. & my message doesnt get sent. How can I correct this?
  • I read something in the phpFreeChat install instructions that says on some servers you need to CHMOD 777 all of the phpFreeChat files and directories. You might try that.
  • Okay, I provided a link to the full version. Hope that helps.
  • Works perfectly. Thanks. Would there be a way to make it so only Mods/Admins could create rooms? And disable the X button on the rooms already open. I just want to limit them to the same rooms but still be able to PM eachother if necessary. Also would love to have a room only visable to the Mods/Admins, or at least password protected. But... I think this basicly has to do with the chats script itself and you might not be able to help.. ^_^ Edit: Oh, also when you don't have a warning/comment/notify thingy it still shows the yellow box and red icon. Anyway to remove that?
  • Chad, I think that everything you're asking for could be done by the PFC extension. The phpFreeChat script is very flexible and it will do damn near anything if you pass it the right parameters.

    Oh, also when you don't have a warning/comment/notify thingy it still shows the yellow box and red icon. Anyway to remove that?

    D'oh. I'll fix that in the next version.
  • if I install phpfreechat individually it works fine. but when I try and integrate it i still get the problems
  • Awesome... I'd love to see some features like that... But I'm clueless on how to do it. ^_^
  • This is awesome! But is there a way to show who is currently in the chat room say in the Panel or something? Ideally I would like a small chat ability in the Panel viewable from all pages, but I guess this is not possible.
  • Uploaded version 0.9.0 of PFC including the full source.
  • I've uploaded the full ver to the addons might need to give me a nod whenever you release a new version though..i'm not sure.
  • Version number changed from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1.
  • Rolled the version and updated the description to match the new source.
  • squirrel, do you think you could lend a hand in trying to get a list online nicknames currently in a chat session. Here's an example:

    I was thinking of using Nuggets to write the PHP code that would list the users in the chat, but I keep getting an error:
    Notice: Undefined variable: serverid in /extensions/PFC/phpfreechat-1.0-beta11/src/pfci18n.class.php on line 28

    Do you have any ideas?
  • skube, What does your code look like?

    It should be as easy as this:
    if ( @include_once($Configuration['PfcPath'] . 'src/pfcinfo.class.php') ) {
    $PfcInfo = new pfcInfo(md5($Context->Configuration['APPLICATION_TITLE']));
    $PfcUsers = $PfcInfo->getOnlineNick(NULL);
  • does this extension use the LUM_Users table to assign nicks?
  • It uses the name of the user in the current session as the nick. No interaction with the DB necessary.
  • This is the code (thx,btw) I use in a Nugget on a different page than the Chat (i.e. Discussions Index)
    if (@include_once('/full/path/to/vanilla/extensions/PFC/phpfreechat-1.0-beta11/src/pfcinfo.class.php')) {
    $PfcInfo = new pfcInfo(md5($Context->Configuration['APPLICATION_TITLE']));
    $PfcUsers = $PfcInfo->getOnlineNick(NULL);
    echo "<ul>";
    foreach($PfcUsers as $u) {
    echo "<li>".$u."</li>";
    echo "</ul>";

    However, this is the error I get:
    Notice: Undefined index: childs in /full/path/to/vanilla/extensions/PFC/phpfreechat-1.0-beta11/src/pfccontainer.class.php on line 661

    Notice: Undefined index: f890fa7792e4943e9dcc2eee3efa31a2 in /full/path/to/vanilla/extensions/PFC/phpfreechat-1.0-beta11/src/pfccontainer.class.php on line 661

    Notice: Undefined index: 773b82d466bb603b2bfc854cff4e3823 in /full/path/to/vanilla/extensions/PFC/phpfreechat-1.0-beta11/src/pfccontainer.class.php on line 661

    However, it does list out the users who are currently chatting below the error msg. Is there a way to surpress the errors?
  • Yeesh, that sucks. Maybe you can hack pfccontainer.class.php and either comment out line 661 or put in some '@' to suppress the warnings? It's ugly, I know. Maybe this is one of the things that needs fixing for their 1.0-final release.
  • Works great, Thanks. Just 1 request; there appears just a blank page when i try to chat wihout signing in. So I would like to know how i can add a senctence and link on that blank page, something like "please click < here > to sign in and have a fun"
  • Commenting out line 661 works, but what does that line do anyway?
  • @skube: It looks like that line is unsetting an index that somehow didn't get set to begin with. Probably it's better to add a '@' in front of the $this.

    @sujang: My solution was to install Page Manager and put the chat inside a tab that is only visible to the roles that have chat permission.
  • Any luck on getting the announcement box removed when there is nothing to announce? ^_^

    But so far its worked perfectly, no real problems other then that. I'd still like to be able to not allow regular members to open new rooms or close the ones that are default.
  • @squirrel: Excellent add-on! Works great! @ChadFenwick: In default.php, comment out a lines towards the bottom like this: // $NoticeCollector->AddNotice($Context->Configuration['PfcNotice']); This will get rid of the Announcement box.
  • Duh... ^_^

    Thanks for that. I really should pay more attention to the script.
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