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  • Uploaded version 1.08 of BlogThis.
  • Hi Chaps,

    Hope the new updates please. I've updated the description for the extension too.

    Although I have created the ability to view only a particular users blog posts, there is no obvious link to these anywhere. I was waiting for suggestions on how you would like this - perhaps a link in users profiles? Or change it so that on the main blog page when you click a user it takes you to their blog, rather than their profile?

    Either way, for those who do want it, for the moment you can add a new Tab using Page Manager with the correct URL.

    I've also removed the portion of code that ammends database.conf as I think this causes more problems than it solves. This should mean for cleaner installs all around.

    Be good to get any feedback.
  • Hi Fery - I've unwhispered this, as I felt other people could benefit from it.
    hey spode,
    just before i start with your awesome extension a quick...

    multiple blogs ... does that mena that im able to assign a group and they're able to have their own unique blog?
    posting media ... is it compatible with jqmedia? (so can it display media on the "blog"-frontpage)

    thanks mang
    Anyone who has been given the "permission" to blog/unblog, will, at this stage be able to blog/unblog ANY posts. So there is a bit of an assumption that anyone with this power is trustworthy and isn't going to abuse it. I guess this should be changed, so we have two permissions "can blog/unblog OWN posts" and "can blog/unblog ALL posts". I'll add this into the next revision - that is, if people want it?

    But that aside, yes, you can filter the blog to just a single user by adding &BlogUser=userid to the URL.

    Posting Media is a tricky one. Most extensions aren't designed to be active on pages that are extension.php. So most likely - no. But by all means give it a go. It certainly doesn't work with the attachment plugin, which I've outlined above.

    There is one way I've been thinking about that *would* make it compatible. And that would be to actually make some sort of virtual discussion, so that viewing the blog is the same as viewing a discussion, with virtual posts being pulled in from different discussions. I'd have to give that some thought :)
  • hey spode, first of all there is an unwritten law if you publish someones whispers = "don't forget to check his spelling" :D

    ok all jesting aside ...

    posting media is very very important, that makes the difference between a blog and a plain text based news system in my oppinion.
    how about dynamic iframes to embed media or such ?

    at least i'm only a frontend designer and not a backend coder, so that would be anyhow a complete mystery to me to solve such a tricky problem with php.
  • I'll check his spelling, if you check your capitalization ;)

    Media is important, but it's just a case of the way all the current systems have been designed.

    I could either try and do it the way I suggested, by simulating a discussion - which may end up with database duplication? Or, I would have to code all the integration myself, as a secondary system.
  • I'm not 100% sure with JQMedia, but most extensiobns can be made to work on extension.php pages by adding that into them. I'll look into it, as it may be a simple change.
  • hey spode , i've just changed my nickname, so the capitalization was also one of my grammatical wonders!

  • LOL

    One of the problems, is Blog, and by extension BlogThis uses ID Tags for the block elements, so a number of styles and some Javascript can get screwed up. If people let me know the exact extensions they want tested, I can give it a go.
  • hey stash a another quick:

    1) after enabling the blog this extension i get this here on "settings.php?PostBackAction=Blog".

    Warning: BlogForm::include() [blogform.include]: Unable to access /srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis/theme/Theme.BlogForm.php in /srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis-2008-08-04/library/PostBackControl.BlogForm.php on line 54

    Warning: BlogForm::include(/srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis/theme/Theme.BlogForm.php) [blogform.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis-2008-08-04/library/PostBackControl.BlogForm.php on line 54

    Warning: BlogForm::include() [function.include]: Failed opening '/srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis/theme/Theme.BlogForm.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /srv/www/web719/html/forum/extensions/BlogThis-2008-08-04/library/PostBackControl.BlogForm.php on line 54

    any ideas?
  • Not sure why you're asking me this - spode wrote the extension ;)
  • oh my fault, i guess i had earlier an overdose with pop, probably thats the reason for the fuddle :D
  • Why is it in a folder called BlogThis-2008-08-04 instead of just "BlogThis". Is it supposed to cope with differing folder names? Perhaps I have something explicit in there...
  • just unzipped and uploaded as it was. but it works now, i changed it to BlogThis.
    the devil is in the details :/
  • hey spode,

    is there a way or setting that members/users are only able to tag their "own" topics ? (so no comments or such only their very very own topics)

  • This is something I was suggesting earlier - I'm going to add this in.
  • how to increase the character limit.when write blog i always have to separate my passages to 2 commets or more.
  • That's a general setting for the forum - they are for all intents and purposes, standard posts. If you check in your global settings, you'll find the character limit for posts.
  • is there away so that the blog online shows the first 300 words then says "Click here to read on"?
  • Not at the moment Simon, sorry!
  • I was thinking about that. You could add that feature

    This function will not cut words up, like substr normally does
    function cutText($string, $length) {
    while ($string{$length} != " ") {
    return substr($string, 0, $length);

    Some thing like that would work, then it can be set in a setting what length and to call it
    echo cutText($what ever the content variable is , $The length set in the admin
  • I'll see what I can do! I'm trying to launch a new site at the moment, and that's taking most of my time.
  • Ok thanks, i will have a look in your code as well when i have time
  • ok i added the function in on my site, but the problem is if the blog post is less that then minimal length it courses lots of errors
  • Is there a way to remove blogged topics from the main discussion grid so they only show up in the blog tab?
  • Version number changed from 1.08 to 1.09.
  • Uploaded version 1.09 of BlogThis.
  • Simon - I've added the "read more" facility to the latest version, plus the permissions for only blogging your own posts.

    Manda - currently, no. I imagine you could modify the SQL for the discussion list to exclude any with blogged posts in, but it would require a join with the comments field, so might be a little on the taxing side.
  • urm i set it and it does not seem to cut the post up to what i set
  • 1) It cuts it up to the number of words, not characters (just making sure you're not confused).

    2) Did you replace the whole folder with the new code? I know you said you modified your own.
  • i did replace the lot, my code was on my test server. I will play aground a bit more.
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