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This discussion is related to the PostAnonymously addon.


  • Uploaded version 1.0.0 of PostAnonymously.
  • Thanks for working on this. Its the last add-on I need to meet the requirements of the board I need to make.
    In an effort to help you perfect your project (and for me to get the anonymous post working :) If the below looks like I am 'testing' a new forum, I am. I wanted to let you know an error I received when trying to use this:
    1. create new user
    2. log in, go to specific category, start new topic, tick the anonymously box
    3. receive this on a new html page:
    THis is the URL:
    This is the page:

    A fatal, non-recoverable error has occurred
    Technical information (for support personel):

    Error Message
    User identifier not supplied
    Affected Elements

    For additional support documentation, visit the Lussumo Documentation website at:

    Thanks again for starting it, hope you can complete it
  • I'm getting the same error.
  • Why go to all of this hassle?

    Wanna post a-nonny-mouse-ly? Log out then use Guest Post, easy.
  • yea, that was my work around. no need to post a-nonny-mouse-ly with an extension i suppose.
  • There is a need.

    I've got a closed community where unregistered cannon post. But sometimes we want to fool around or just talk without names. This extension would be awesome for this. Too bad it's not working.
  • ...if you get it to work, get ready for another huge problem... SPAM!

    That's how guest post used to work without the captcha feature. After a week I got inundated with crap.

    Posted: Sunday, 21 December 2008 at 9:09AM

  • >> if you get it to work, get ready for another huge problem... SPAM!

    What are you talking about? This is a feature for registered and approved members, why would they spam?
  • Oh I see, so they first gave to register, then get approved, then post anonymously?

    Posted: Monday, 22 December 2008 at 1:42PM

  • >Oh I see, so they first gave to register, then get approved, then post anonymously?
    Yep, that's what makes this idea so cool - you don't even have to log out to post anonymously, you just tick the box and you're done.

    I really hope that this plugin will be updated. Sadly, it seems like all plugins that I need for Vanilla, are abandoned - I can't get the Invite-Only plugin to work and now this one seems dead.
  • Uploaded version 1.0.1 of PostAnonymously.
  • Uploaded version 1.0.1 of PostAnonymously.
  • For those of you having problems:

    Please make sure that you have created your anonymous user in you Vanilla installation. The default is to look for a username "Anonymous". You can change your anonymous username by editing line 15 of default.php

    If you are still having problems, post a note with your Vanilla version id and any other extensions you have installed and I will look into it.

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