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Translation collector

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This discussion is related to the Translation Collector addon.
Translation collector


  • It works, if not 100% then 99% – thanks!

    Here's a how-to for those who wonder:
    Once installed, open up the plugin's "default.php" and follow the explanations. Incl. adding in two lines @ line 200 in /library/core/class.locale.php (it was actually 2018-19 for me). Then, it was just a matter of navigating through every possible page/scenario of the forum. What it does is output translation files for Vanilla, Dashboard and Conversations in the plugin folder.
    You then need to manually go to /applications/APPLICATION NAME/locale/, create a new folder for your language (e.g. "en-GB") and copy the newly created translation file for that application into the folder, calling the file definitions.php. Repeat for all 3 applications (conversations, dashboard, vanilla).
    Finally, open up /conf/config-defaults.php and change $Configuration['Garden']['Locale'] from "en-CA" to the same as your new language folder.

    A couple of lines weren't translateable: "'Sign In →" button in the popup box (probably caused by the arrow sign), a lot of secondary stuff on the Recent Activity page, "Options" header on the user profile page and checkboxes in the Signature options popup.
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