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What happened to categories?

edited July 2010 in Questions
What happened to categories? Is this feature being eliminated and replaced with tags? Can someone explain to me the logic behind eliminating categories?


  • Most probably not eliminated, just switched of, as that can be done in the admin panel.

    Sidenote to the devs, maybe extract Categories to an addon anyway?
  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    Categories remains in core as ever and are still on by default; this forum is just doing it differently to test out tagging.

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

  • I wonder why Categories should stay in the core? The power of Vanilla IMHO is modularity, You can still include/enable the addon by default.
  • You gotta have categories man, how else would you organize the discussions
  • edited July 2010
    Tags, as we are experimenting with now. Also, some forums are so small they don't need categories or tags at all.
  • tags aren't really the same...I find that they don't provide enough structure for organizing threads
  • @Dykam, there is an option to disable categories and tags are optional also.
  • @Raize, that is your opinion, that's why they are optional.

    @TiGR, I mean, if it's optional after all, make it an plugin.
  • I have to agree that tags and categories are not the same. Just now, I'm looking for the "Developer" category on this site. Instead I see a list of 20+ tags. Some tags look like they may be related to development, but they may be in reference to something completely different. Make it really hard to find all discussions related to a.. ahem.. category.
  • zodiacdmzodiacdm
    edited September 2010
    Actulally @Dykam, that is a bad idea.

    Categories are going to be used by the majority of Vanilla installations, and there are already too many plugins. I am approaching 50 plugins on my site, and I have many more planned for the future. There's no need to make basic things plugins when it needs to be more the other way around.

    Either that, or a more organized view of plugins...
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