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CLEditor: (yet) another wysiwyg plugin



  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @brickerz - I just noticed that problem as well. I've removed that background color in a recent commit. It will be in the next release, or you can apply it yourself by making the changes noted in this commit:
  • edited November 2010
    There seems to be a problem with the highlight functionality. You can't seem to partially remove a highlight. Meaning, if you have "Hi Mom, it's me!" within a single highlight span, you can't un-highlight the "it's me!" part alone. This might not be a problem with Vanilla's implementation, but rather with the editor itself. Hopefully we can still get it fixed, though.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    @DylanH - All of that functionality is handled by the CLEditor jQuery plugin. All our plugin does is implement that one. Your best bet for getting fixes into the core of that plugin would be to go directly to those developers. We will do our best to keep our version up to date with theirs (ie. we'll update ours when they do releases, which they seem to do quite frequently).

    Here is a link to their jQuery plugin page:
  • I don't know about errors, but the font size tag is depreciated, and I figure out how it is designed to update it to css3. Anyone have an anser?
  • hyphyhyphy New
    edited June 2011
    The CLEditor doesn't update when you press "Include Image" on the FileUpload plugin. It does insert the image code but doesn't actually display the image in the text box. Anyone want to commit to fixing this? :)
  • edited July 2011
    Isues between quotes plugin and the CLEeditor("null" quote in message window)
    are fixed?
    Just installed the plugin and nothing. I can see the quoted text only if I reload the page.
  • The same problem with image uploaded through FileUpload plugin, I fixed the wrong thumbnail preview link manually, but have no idea how to redraw CLEditor textarea for showing the image after clicking "insert image" link.
    I assume there should be a method for this.
    The image uploads well, but it's possible to see it in textarea only through editing the post after saving the new post.
  • @rak I installed version 0.5 of the CLEditor addon and I am using version of Vanilla Forums.

    Now I have two questions.

    1. When replying on a threat and by pressing the "Write Comment" button there are two textarea's.
    Before pressing the button:
    After pressing the button:

    Do you know a solution for this problem?

    2. I tried to add the Table Plug-in for CLEditor, but it doesn't seem to work. I added jquery.cleditor.table.min.js and the table image in the images folder. Does I have to edit some code to make it work?

  • Does anybody has an answer to my two problems?

  • How to resize the textarea just on post discussion?

  • Chris23, I also added the Table plug-in, and also added the following line in default.php:

    $Sender->AddJsFile('jquery.cleditor.table'.(Debug() ? '' : '.min').'.js', 'plugins/cleditor', $Options);

    and added the table image in images folder, however, the 'Table' tag was not recognized.

    Does anyone know if we can use the Table plug-in for Cleditor?

  • I just successfully installed the Table plug-in and got to use it as well :)

    Turned out that I need to install a new version of the Cleditor, since the Table plugin request Cleditor 1.2.2 or later versions. And the one that is found in the Vanilla add-ons, is 1.1.

    Note: mind you that Vanilla doesn't render the css styles used in the table tags correctly. So, I had to remove the Table plugin back, since it defeated my purpose of designing with table.

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