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edited August 2010 in Questions
I just went live with Vanilla 2 on my fansite. It's a big change from our old forums and I'm excited by the potential. Hopefully 2.0.4 will address some of the quirks. Here's a new one I've found:

So I'm sitting on the forum main page (All Discussions) and I hit refresh. There are new posts in some threads, but the "New" notification doesn't show up on them. Is there something I could be doing wrong on my end that would cause that to be the case?

It is unfortunately cutting down on participation because people aren't realizing that a thread has been updated.


  • @Lykaon; I don't have that problem, but I'd like an apposite function; to be able to mark a whole discussion as 'read' (ie., hide the 'New' posts flag).
  • I'm using Vanilla 2.0.11 and have encountered a similar problem - intermittently new discussions are not marked as new. I would like to troubleshoot this, but I am unsure where to begin.
  • MarkMark Vanilla Staff
    We've been working on a fix for this. I submitted a patch over the weekend, and it is being tested on a few communities now. The fix will be in our next release.
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