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SEOCompanion WishList

edited September 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the SEOCompanion addon.
What features would you like be added to the SEOCompanion plugin?

Go ahead, try me :)


  • phreakphreak - #1 Themeshop for Vanilla MVP
    Hi pixeline,

    Very cool, awaited this to be on board of vanilla. Thanx for your work.

    But one question: Most titles tend to be shorter than the recommended lenght of 150 - 165 letters (with spaces i think) that Google displays in its results. Would it probably be an idea to add a part of the discussions first post to fill up the 165 letters?
  • Hi pixeline,

    Seems SEO engines don't take care about keywords anymore due to abuse (by a lot of websites which are putting 300 hundreds words in the content of these meta tag).

    Could be usefull to add other SEO indicators like duplicate content, broken links, links to your forum and links to external ressources, etc.
    Some specialized websites(*) do that, and it's ok, but if a vanilla user want to have these features built-in, there is no vanilla plugin which do that at these time.

    * : SEO websites are :
    - etc

    Have a good day !
  • And of course, have your code reviewed by the vanilla team will increase the popularity of your plugin... it's obvious to tell it, but I think It could make the difference between two plugins which are doing the same things...
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