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Any feedback on Google Calendar Plugin

edited September 2010 in Questions
This discussion is related to the GoogleCalendar addon.
Let me know any bugs you find or problems or any Ideas you have to improve it.


  • Be nice if you could incorporate a config item within vanilla to put your feed into instead of editing the php file. What is the exact portion of line 172 where you put your feed at?
  • The line of code to be edited is:
    $String =$String.$this->createfeed("",$summerTime);
    Just change the feed in the method call and it will use your calendar.
    The config item with a proper dashboard settings pane ill look into creating. Will be a while as i get used to vanilla 2.
  • edited September 2010
    Added rss links for each calendar. Only links to the rss feed at the moment.
    Ill try and get some sort of config file if not dashboard integration working by next week.

  • It would be nice to be able to control how far in the future the events appear. Default seems to be one week.
  • yes current default is 1 week. Ill make that configurable for next version.
  • Thanks for the quick response @Davidis its definitly a plugin that will be very useful.
  • Are you considering support for multiple calendars?
  • I will support multiple seperate calendars. I.E each calendar has its own block on the panel. Calendars will not be merged in the feed of items.

    Multiple support and configuration will be in next version but will be 2 weeks before next release.
  • edited November 2010
    I dont see anything other than the widget title and the rss icon and link to my organisations public calendar, the calendar when viewed as an rss feed only shows past events !!!
    I am expecting to see a series of future events (recurring) the first of which is at the time of writing is 5 days old and repeats weekly until end Feb 2011.
    This event is visible in the feed.
    It looks like the plugin does not handle recurring events where the first occurrence of the event has passed (at present).
    (Later Edit) Having gone across the midnight boundary I am now seeing the event with a date 2 Jan 1970 - No its actually a countdown time to the next event being formatted as a date rather than a time to go, the event is Sunday 10 am
    Also the rss.png is only showing correctly on the Discussions page rather than individual threads.
  • I'd love to see some live examples of this :)
  • edited November 2010
    Ill have an updated version up later this week. Sorry about the delay. Which solves the problem of recurring events and the problem with daylight savings.

    My past version had a problem with its cache and recurring events. This will be fixed.

    Regarding the only past events you will want to go to the cache folder inside the plugin and delete all the .spc files. That should solve this.

    Regarding reccurent events it should work try with the cache cleared.
  • The Ajax version has bene delayed. Just got the config page to do then new version will be uploaded.
  • edited November 2010

    We have added this in and edited the line
    $String =$String.$this->createfeed("",$summerTime);

    And changed the "" to our own calendar email that comes from the calendar settings page inside of gmail.

    We find that the XML, iCal, HTML links all fail as does the Calender ID and finally the embedded calendar ID which is in the format of '" which comes direct from cut and paste.

    Also tried replacing the %40 with @ for ''

    Any ideas?
  • Hi i used the xml link
    The part of the link used is $path in the code below.".$path."/public/full
  • edited November 2010
    using V2.0.14 and GoogleCalendar plugin 1.1 - I think (however its still reporting version 1.0 in default.php)
    the image urls for the feed is trying to be served using incorrect (possibly relative) rather than the correct absolute one (discussions) (dashboard) (example post id=133)

    I think the correct one for my setup is

    example has replaced the real domain
  • The previous version has many problem. im trying to rebuild this still got a couple of bugs to fix before version 2. The rss.png is meant to be an absolute path to the plugin folder.

    Ill get this fixed in the next version thanks for reporting it.
  • Fixed the setup and db and rss image just config page to go.
    No ajax. Just php. Should have it up by monday or tuesday.
  • V2.0 released.
    Timezones are not supported. But it does have a config screen in the dashboard.
  • IF you have problems upgrading please remove your .ini files in the cache.
    Then remove the calendar entry in the config.php.

    Then remove the plugin files and do a fresh install.

    I apologise as the old version was badly made.
  • edited November 2010
    After fresh install no major problems, except
    1. 2 copies of the ukhols calendar in the sidebar.

    2. Feed image url still wrong
      I have vanilla in subdirectory i.e. should be
      I think it needs to derive the plugins folder from the install directory name or similar

    (I have substituted "example" for real domain name above)
  • edited November 2010
    This works great except :

    1. multiple copies of calendars appeared - i just deleted the entries from teh DB then all was good.
    2. Config screen is always blank.(i edited the file directly).

    Thanks for the update Davidis :-)
  • The problem with the config screen and image seem to be related to the url.
    Ill look into this. Should have an updated version up tonight.

    Regarding the multiple copies is there multiple database records for the ukhols calendar? If there is not then the old version has not gone away.
  • @waynec is your forum in a folder under your domain?
  • @Davidis The vanilla folder is root of the domain.

    I deleted the multiple rows that were inserted into the GND_Cals table.

    Tip : If a user wishes to use the google calendar private calendar they must edit the line

    $rssUrl = "".$path."/private-YOURPRIVATEKEY/basic";

    Also a new random question - I cant get the timezone to work for the calendar. It keeps defaulting to some GMT +0 time.

    I have added 'Australia.Sydney#' before the email ID.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • I have messed around with the cal times in your feeds file and can manipulate it to work but its very hacky

    Anyone else been able to change the timezones?
  • Ill have a look at implementing timezones and private feeds properly for the next version. (probably get something up for sunday)

    @waynec can you send me a screen shot of the config page including url as it works on my test system.(2.0.11)
  • Added timezone support.
    The rss image is now loaded via the asset funtion so should work on sites in a folder.
    On the config page if you click edit there is now a dropdown list of timezones.

    Had to reduce the number of timezones from the full timedb list but all hour modifications from -12 to + 12 are included. If you want more added ask and it will happen.
  • edited November 2010
    It probably needs pointing out that the plugin needs to be disabled and then re-enabled when upgrading, otherwise clicking on the settings button leads to an error message being displayed. Upgrading is more than simply overwriting the files with new versions by ftp access to the site.
  • Yes you do. Added a database field for timezones this time.
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