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Categories controller

cdavidcdavid New
edited September 2010 in Questions

I am trying out the categories as my main entry point in the application (set via Dashboard -> Routes -> DefaultController -> categories).

Still, when it shows the discussions from each category, it doesn't show the announcements in that category. Is this an intended feature or just a design choice?




  • Bump.

    Im having the same issue. unsure if this is a bug or a design feature
  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    As far as I know, announcements are global-only.

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

  • edited October 2010
    That cant be true as i found a way to edit the categories controller so that the announcements show only i cant concatenate the 2 datasets.
    using the catagories controller code changing line 121 i can show announcements:

    $Wheres = array('d.CategoryID' => $Category->CategoryID);
    $this->CategoryDiscussionData[$Category->CategoryID] = $DiscussionModel->GetAnnouncements($Wheres);

    but the normal discussions will no longer show.
  • Changing the Vanilla code makes it hard to maintain this application. We could suggest a patch to the team, but I am not sure this what they intended by Announcements in Vanilla.

  • i know changing the code is not ideal.
    but if you filter discussions by category using discussions controller it does still show announcements.

    a proper fix in the code would be good but if it works my users stop complaining.
  • I have a version of this that works if anybody is interested.
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