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File Upload always shows Uploading.... and never finished



  • Domos123Domos123 New
    edited January 2012

    ghita3001 said:

    Yes you help. This is the solution that fixed the error for me. Thanks.

    evolucja said:
    I successfully solved this issue. The problem is that it does work only with default theme. If you're using public_vforg theme you have to make sure that your footer part in default.master.tpl looks like:

    <div id="Foot">
            <div><span>By Vanilla</span></div>
            {asset name="Foot"}

    There must be tag inside. After some experiments with footer part all plugin that I had problems with started working.

    Hope it'll help you too.

    Is this the same for php themes?

  • edited January 2012

    If "we" have to alter and change to code, why is this approved? I'm not a developer, I'm someone who needs a simple forum and addons that work. Please un-approve !!

    I changed the "foot" and no upload. Man this really sucks!!!

  • moensmoens New
    edited February 2012

    It appears that this extension is written against the core lib, "class.upload.php" from the git repo here: (>= commit 568b14e262)

    so... heh, what I did was copied that file from git into my 2.0.16... ;P

    ...yeah, not the best idea in the world. lol... but it worked. That file has the Parse() and the Urls() methods and a couple other necessary goodies.

    Bottom line is that the FileUpload addon as of 1.4.4 I think requires 2.0.17 or greater!

  • Hey,
    I'm having the same problem, I just get the upload bar and that's it as well, it never goes further than that, it was working in a more standard theme but now I am using the "Joie" theme and now its not working for some reason. I have tried the latest version and the 1.4.4 version as well and get the same results.

    I'm not all that up on my coding so if there is a fix I need it in pretty simple terms.

    Thanks in advance

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