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Discussion author's signature not shown.

ShmizzleShmizzle New
edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the Signatures addon.
Using Vanilla 2.0.11 and the discussion author's signature isn't being shown for the original post.


  • Also: when editing a post, the signature is still displayed underneath the comment edit box.
  • Seems a common fault. Have this issue with 2.0.16 also
  • TimTim Lord of Servers Vanilla Staff
    Thanks for the report

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • Solved by upgrading to Emoticons v1.3. I was using v1.0.

    Emoticons v1.0 was also causing a problem with quoting the first post in a discussion -- the quoted text would be "null". It no longer happens now that I've upgraded to v1.3.

    Not sure if it was a bug with v1.0 or a bug in Vanilla. For those interested in investigating further, check this out:

    Replace the Emoticons plugin default.php with that code, and then enable the plugin and try to quote the first post in a discussion... it returns null, though it works fine for all other posts in a discussion. Also, the signature won't display under the first post in a discussion.

    Comment out line 61, however, and quoting the first post in a discussion works, and all signatures are displayed too.
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