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"Unable to contact remote plugin"

edited October 2010 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Vanilla Proxyconnect addon.
Hi there. Just installed a brand new Wordpress and brand new Vanilla (2.0.11).

1. I zipped the wordpress3-proxyconnect dir and uploaded it to Wordpress as a plugin, activated it, all looks good.
2. I uploaded the whole ProxyConnect directory to /forum/plugins and activated that as a plugin inside Vanilla, that worked
3. Now trying to configure. Settings:

Authenticator: Proxy Connect
Integration Manager: Wordpress

But I get the error: "Unable to contact remote plugin. Perhaps your blog URL was incorrect?"

The WP directory is / and the Vanilla directory is /forum.

How would I troubleshoot this?

EDIT: Mysteriously resolved itself. Can only assume it was some sort of DNS caching error.


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