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Is someone working on - Thankful people / like button for Van2

edited October 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

one of the most wanted Vanilla 1 extentions that haven't been ported to Vanilla 2 seems to be Thankful people or something like the like button of facebook - right?

Is anyone working on that?

I like the rating system of Vanilla 2 (is it a extention - I don't yet working with Vanilla 2 - only preparing for the upgrade), but I'd like to have something, that the names of the people who like or support one idea or post of another people are standing next to the post.

In my community, we use thankful people as a like button, so people don't have to post "yes, I think so too", "good idea", "yeah"...

Are there extentions, with could be edit, to get this effect?
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