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How to Move a Vanilla Forum for a Local Dev Site to a Staging or Production Site?

edited December 2010 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
I installed Vanilla locally on my laptop and then copied the files and the database up to my hosted server only to find that it didn't work. I spent over an hour trying to find what I needed to fixup to get it to work on my server only to give up and reinstall on the server.

I would still like to be able to bring it down locally so that I could develop addons but I'm not sure what files I would need to change to make it happen. It seems that conf/config.php and the .ini file in /cache need to change but I changed them and they were not enough. What else needs to change?

Also, does Vanilla overwrite conf/config.php? I made changes there to sniff out the host and use different database credentials but I swear they disappeared so I assume that Vanilla recreates that file; if so how can I set up the source code to use different credentials depending on where it is served from?

Thanks in advance.


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