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[SOLVED]This plugin fail!!!

edited December 2010 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Lajkuj Plugin addon.
This plugin don't work for me. I can enable it and "like" button does appear. But it come with error 404 when clicking. My forum path is http://myhost.etc/subdir/ but lajkuj's like button bring it to http://myhost.etc/discussion/lajkuj/1


  • I have some fixes and it works now. Changes apply to default.php
    Line 85, replace:
    $RedirectURL = Url("discussion/{$DiscussionID}#Item_{$CommentID}");
    $RedirectURL = "discussion/{$DiscussionID}#Item_{$CommentID}";

    Line 90, replace:
    $RedirectURL = Url("discussion/{$DiscussionID}");

    $RedirectURL = "discussion/{$DiscussionID}";

    Line 131, replace:


    Line 174, replace:
    $Src .= '<a href="/discussion/lajkuj/' . $Url . '">Like</a>';

    $Src .= '<a href="'.Url('/discussion/lajkuj/'.$Url). '">'.T('Like').'</a>';

    Line 193, replace:
    $Src .= '<a href="/discussion/lajkuj/' . $Url . '">Like</a> ' . $CountLikes . ' others like this.';

    $Src .= '<a href="'.Url('/discussion/lajkuj/'.$Url). '">'.T('Like').'</a> ' . $CountLikes . ' '.T('others like this.');
  • Also, translatable texts don't come with T('some text') for localization
  • hi hoang minh thang, I really appreciate your help. It works!!! one more bug I discover is after I like some post, the unlike button seems doesn't work (it keeps loading and loading) Can you help me find the solution for this? oh and i'm vietnamese too :D
  • one more bug is that if one person already liked the post, another one can not like it (after the second person press the like button, it just keep loading and loading)...
  • edited March 2011
    Would love to see this plugin working!
  • would have been nice to see this working or implemented in the activity section, at the messages...
  • edited January 2012

    It's working for me, but beyond that, what is the use for it? I was looking for something to help me keep track of my "likes" as opposed to bookmarking a thread.

  • Addendum: This works in some forums, but not others.

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