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Help with authentication

ariari New
edited January 2011 in Questions
This discussion is related to the api (json) addon.
I am new to Vanilla Forums, so I'm confused by the source code of this plugin. All the files in the views folder appear to be empty, so I guess all the code lives in the controllers. But without any documentation I'm finding it quite difficult to get a handle on. The idea appears to be:

1. Call /api/session (with what parameters?)
2. Get back a session key (is this the transient key?)
3. Call the other functions as desired

I'm looking to tie Vanilla forums into a Drupal site and use it for commenting on blog entries. The blogs should stay in Drupal, but the commenting make use of the superior Vanilla. Each blog entry would automatically trigger the json API to create a discussion ready for commenting.

Seems possible with the help of your plugin...


  • Here's an example in Python of creating a new discussion that might help.

    You need to change the URLs and set the USER_COOKIE constant (log in to the Vanilla Forums site you are trying to talk to, then in Firefox 3 it's Tools -> Page Info -> Security -> View Cookies, look for the "Vanilla=" cookie).

    You could add a Discussion/DiscussionID parameter too if you wanted to modify an existing discussion's text.
  • Here's an example in Python of creating a new discussion that might help.

    The link was deleted :/ Can someone please paste it again on tinypaste or some other site? thanks!
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