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[GoogleCalendar]No settings page

caerostriscaerostris ✭✭
edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
This discussion is related to the GoogleCalendar addon.
Hey, your plugin doesnt work for me...

When i try to open google calendarscsettings on my dashboard, it shows me an empty page...

Have you got any solution?

Thanks, Caerostris


  • edited February 2011
    Same here, the setting page for your plugin is blank ...

    I tried to manually setup a calendar in the DB but something is wrong in class.googlecalendarfeed.php on line 23: the function curl_init() seems to be unknown to vanilla.

    Never mind, I didn't had the libcurl installed on my server, you should add this to the requierements list for you plugin. Php doesn't come with libcurl by default (or at least not in Ubuntu).

    So now the calendar is displayed but I still can't view the setting page of your plugin.
  • @Foloex : Great, i'll try that out tomorrow!
    Seems like the developer doesnt mind...

    I'll have a look at tge license, if its GPL or so maybe i can release a fix...
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