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[Solved] [Documentation] [Tagging Enhanced] Fatal Error Upon Enabling

This discussion is related to the Tagging Enhanced addon.

I had previously disabled the older, original Tagging plugin as instructed then I downloaded, uploaded, installed and activated this one. Reloading my board homepage, which contains a couple of categories and a test posts, gave an error.

I read through the other question and followed your database advice. I disabled and removed this plugin, deleted the tagcategorycount table and removed the categoryID column in the tagdiscussion table. Re-downloaded and installed this plugin, but I still got an error.

So, I changed my config file to print out the error and got this:

Fatal Error in TagModule.GetData();

Erroneous CategoryID
The error occurred on or near: /home/(notimportant)/public_html/(notimportant)/plugins/Tagging/class.tagmodule.php

76: //JP: Case 2) Getting tags for one specific category
77: case "Categories": //JP: Note: Case Sensitive!
78: if ($this->_CategoryID == "") {
79: throw new exception (T("Erroneous CategoryID"));
80: }
82: $this->_TagModuleTitle = (T("All Tags in this Category"));

Any ideas what could be causing this and how I could fix it?



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