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The growing issue of over simplification.

edited February 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
I wanted to start this discussion and test the waters out a little. I enjoy vanilla's approach to a simplistic Core install with plugin's as an option. But im seeing a common issue that ive experienced in other projects taking a similar approach that from my past experience needs to be addressed properly before it turns into a burden for our users and developers. I like to refer to it as over simplification. Where everything that is nothing is considered a plugin ultimately resulting in a large amount of plugins that users need and use. One way around this, is to have these plugins enabled by default. Which solves the problem temporarily, but when the numbers of plugins included in core continue to grow the support and updates for these plugins slow down because its created more work for a feature users have come to think of as a "Core feature".

The inclusion of a plugin being added to the project, how they are selected, why plugins are enabled by default should be documented and up for debate. Some plugins in my opinion need to make the move to being included in core as a feature and not a plugin. For example, i currently have 24 plugins installed, 11 enabled. I would like to see some statics of what the average amount of plugins installed is, how many enabled, what percentage of users are using the plugins included by default, and what the community thinks is a suitable number.


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