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SEO trick (for developers)

edited March 2011 in Questions
For example, news. Just example, no explanations


// class.newsconttroller.php // file

// public function Index($Code) {
if (is_numeric($Code)) {
// elseif(... other check for news category url code, etc.

// public function View() { // method
// trick
$NewsModel = Gdn_NewsModel();
$Story = $NewsModel->GetID($NewsID);
$NewsStoryURL = 'news/'.$Story->NewsID.'/'.Gdn_Format::Url($News->Title); // or you can use Clean() method
$CanonicalUrl = $this->CanonicalUrl(Url($NewsStoryURL, True));
if ($NewsStoryURL != $this->SelfUrl) Redirect($CanonicalUrl, 301);


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