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Member blogs on their profile

edited March 2011 in Questions
This discussion is related to the NillaBlog addon.

Thanks a lot for your plugin! I've been tinkering with it and looking for a way to show member's individual blogs on their profile pages. So it would just show the blogpost by that member in the blog category on their page. Normally you just have Activity, Notifications, Discussions and Comments and with this feature, Blog as well.

Blog / Activity / Notifications / Discussions / Comments

Is it possible?? Again, thanks for all your work.


  • That would be a neat enhancement.

    It may require something like a core enhancement to have "personal categories" which could then be leveraged by this addon. I don't know that I'd want to do that work on my own, but it might be possible.

    My addons: NillaBlog | Vanoogle

  • I like the idea alot too. would certainly be a very nice addition.

    also thank you very much for the plugin and the work you allready put in :)
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