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Error - Internal error, could not move the file.

edited March 2011 in Questions
This discussion is related to the FileUpload addon.
Great plugin but am having trouble on my live box. The plugin works no problem locally on a similar setup (images upload with no issue) but when I move my code to the live box I get the following error:

File upload failed. Reason:
(IMG_4903.jpg) Internal error, could not move the file.

I have checked permissions and set everything to 777 for testing and have changed owners of the folders Uploads and FileUploads.

I can see what the issue is - any help would be appreciated.

I am running PHP 5.2.1 on the live box (CentOS 5) and PHP 5.2.13 locally (MAMP Pro on 10.6.6)



  • Make sure that also all folders underneath the uploads folder are set to 777.

    On unix run the following command from the forum root folder:
    chmod -R 777 uploads

    Worked for me!
  • Wow that worked thx! - bizarre as I am sure I had 777'd every folder.

    Now I gotta get the image resampling working - it's showing full size on upload for large image...ah well one problem solved! :)

    Thanks again for your tip
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