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Javascript in Custom Pages - attempting FullCalendar implementation

This discussion is related to the Custom Pages addon.
Please pardon my ignorance, but I am having a difficult time creating a Custom Page to suit my needs. Basically I want to employ Adam Shaw's FullCalendar. I am having difficulty rendering the calendar within a Custom Pages php file.

FullCalendar instances can be rendered on HTML pages. These HTML pages require FullCalendar.js, jquery, and CSS in the HEAD per usual, and the calendar itself is called in a DIV. Simply copying and pasting FullCalendar demo html into a Custom Pages php file does not work ( though I did not think it would). I would greatly appreciate any insight into:

1. How to load the appropriate javascripts from a Custom Pages php file
2. Where to keep the actual JS and CSS files (../pages/ ?)

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

I have also started tinkering with trying to create this as a plugin but this has proven to be equally frustrating for this non-programmer.


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