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Message - Emails from embedded site send users to non-embed site

HortonHorton New
edited March 2011 in Questions
My embedded site works great but.... When users message each other from the embed, they get an email that sends them to the non-embedded site. I want to keep the users in the embedded site. I really do not want them to know where the other URL is.

I understand why .... the real url where the data lives but ...



  • I understand why but .... ShareThis has the same issue. Is there a work around?
  • Hate to do this but... Bump

    Ideas? if will the messages always point users to source forum - out of embed? Same with ShareThis? I am NEVER going to use ShareThis if it does not drive traffic to my embedded site
  • I don't know exactly how to change the URL.
    It's just a thought, if you are a programmer try to grep 'EmailStoryNotification'.
    Maybe that is a point to start some hack or throw up.
  • You can force the redirect to the embed forum. But that still doesn't solve the email link problem because people will see the old url.
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