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Posts Loading Twice

edited April 2011 in Questions
Hello again!

On my vanilla forums it appears that posts load twice from time to time after posting. Is this a common problem? Is there a common fix? Or am I having an isolated issue?

If it's a common problem with no fix I'll take a crack at it. I'm pretty familiar with JavaScript which I think is the culprit as the post is only going to the database once and upon refresh it only shows up once. But it the AJAX parts that either automatically loads responses or the mechanism that displays a post after you submit your post seems to load it twice.


  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    I would call it an 'uncommon problem' - I've seen it before but only very rarely so. If you have a way to reliably reproduce I'd love to know.

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

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