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How to prevent registration of new users through OpenId/Google Sign in?

martzmartz New
edited May 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
The forum I am running has become too popular for me to handle right now (lot of moderation required). Although I have volunteer moderators there are just so many issues that I spend too much time on it. So..

I want to close registration for a few weeks.

I added the line in the config.php that tells registration to be "closed":
$Configuration['Garden']['Registration']['Method'] = 'Closed';
Also I tried "invitation only". However, some new users still "sneak in" by using Google Sign in.

How can Google Sign in be closed for registration?

If the Google Sign in plugin would be disabled a lot of current users cannot login anymore, that is undesirable.



  • disactivate google plugin from dashboard, you can do the same for openid or facebook, twitter etc...
  • will that not cause a lock out for registered users that sign in using Google?

    it looks like Google sign in does not look at the registration settings (whatever it is: closed, invitation,..)
  • Hi, is there any update on this? We run into the same issue. We want to set up a private forum with invited users. But registration with Google ignores the fact "invitation only". We want to use the Google ID for authorization though...
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