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Important security fix: 2.1.10, released 4 May.

Getting error with ProxyConnect

edited May 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 Help
Hey there!

I'm new to Vanilla Forums and only started using it yesterday so please have bare with me :D

I followed the instructions given with ProxyConnect and the Plugin is displaying in the plugin menu like normal. I can activate the plugin. But when I go to the Authentication menu to configure it, it displays the following error or message:



"The "Gdn_PluginManager" object does not have a "xAvailablePluginFolders" method." LOCATION: /home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/library/core/class.pluggable.php > 163: // Make sure that $ActualMethodName exists before continuing: > 164: if (!method_exists($this, $ActualMethodName)) { > 165: // Make sure that a plugin is not handling the call > 166: if (!Gdn::PluginManager()->HasNewMethod($this->ClassName, $ReferenceMethodName)) >>> 167: trigger_error(ErrorMessage('The "' . $this->ClassName . '" object does not have a "' . $ActualMethodName . '" method.', $this->ClassName, $ActualMethodName), E_USER_ERROR); > 168: } > 169: > 170: // Make sure the arguments get passed in the same way whether firing a custom event or a magic one. > 171: $this->EventArguments = $Arguments; BACKTRACE: [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/library/core/class.pluggable.php 167] PHP::Gdn_ErrorHandler(); [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/plugins/ProxyConnect/class.proxyconnect.plugin.php 58] Gdn_Pluggable->__call(); [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/plugins/ProxyConnect/class.proxyconnect.plugin.php 58] Gdn_PluginManager->AvailablePluginFolders(); [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/library/core/class.pluginmanager.php 432] ProxyConnectPlugin->SettingsController_ProxyConnect_Create(); [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/library/core/class.dispatcher.php 290] Gdn_PluginManager->CallNewMethod(); [/home/mrgeeza/public_html/forum/index.php 38] Gdn_Dispatcher->Dispatch();


Hope you guys can help me :)



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