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Can't translate %s changed %s permissions.

edited June 2011 in Questions
Username changed Username's permissions.

$Definition['%s changed %s permissions.'] = '%s изменил %s настройки доступа';


Username was removed from the Member role and added to the Administrator role.

$Definition['%s was removed from the %s and added to the %s'] = '%s был удален из %s и добавлен в %s';

What's wrong?

Best Answer

  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    edited June 2011 Answer ✓
    Try the following instead:
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.FullHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %4$s permissions.';
    $Definition['Activity.RoleChange.ProfileHeadline'] = '%1$s changed %4$s permissions.';

    $Definition['%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s and added to the %4$s %5$s.'] = '...';
    $Definition['%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s.'] = '...';
    $Definition['%1$s was added to the %2$s %3$s.'] = '...';


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