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vanillicon and Gravatar

yu_tangyu_tang New
edited June 2011 in Feedback
I noticed that the default avatar has changed to via within the last few days. This service is great! I really like it.

My questions are;

1. Is vanillicon plugin planned for the release to public?

2. Can vanillicon and Gravatar plugin exist together? Because it seems that gravatar is no longer available here. Twimg avatar for twitter users is still alive.


Best Answer

  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Answer ✓
    1. Vanillicon is planned for release to the public. We are leaning towards making it the default behavior for avatars. Why? Because we want to move away from lists of users to grids of user icons and people that don't set their avatars make the design look bad.

    2. Vanillicon and Gravatar can co-exist. Since Gravatar accepts a default url it can be chained with vanillicon.


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