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Close to 100% translation, need help to find last ones

edited July 2011 in Localization
* Since I havent gotten any response I figured maybe it was because I wasnt specific enough, but I have updated every translation with an url to an image showcasing it.


I am new to Vanillaforums and I am planning to test it out for my communities. But before I can do that, I need to translate it. Most of the translating is already done, but there are some small things that are left that are really annoying.

So if anyone could help I would appreciate it a lot. Also I plan on releasing this translation for others to use when I am done with it :)

I need help on finding the following translations:
- How to translate date & months (
-- December 2009 -> Desember 2009 , 6. July -> 6. juli
-- Time: 13:59 -> Kl. 13:59

- Translating most recent & by *username* (

- Translate info in activities: Was added to the/removed by etc (

- Translate delete-button in activities that is found by rollover (

- Translate comment by (

- Translate all discussions-button (

- Translate add a comment-button that only displays when you are NOT logged in (

- Get rid of the apostrophe in usernames(because it is not correct in norwegian) (

I will greatly appreciate all help that is given!

Best Answers

  • yu_tangyu_tang New
    Answer ✓

    Dates localization
    $Definition['Most recent: %1$s by %2$s'] = 'Most recent: %1$s by %2$s';
    $Definition['%1$s was added to the %2$s %3$s.'] = '%1$s was added to the %2$s %3$s.';
    $Definition['%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s.'] = '%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s.';
    $Definition['%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s and added to the %4$s %5$s.'] = '%1$s was removed from the %2$s %3$s and added to the %4$s %5$s.';
    $Definition['Activity.Delete'] = 'Delete';
    $Definition['Comment by %s'] = 'Comment by %s';
    $Definition['← All Discussions'] = '← All Discussions';
    $Definition['Add a Comment'] = 'Add a Comment';
    How to remove apostrophe in ones name?
  • lucluc ✭✭
    Answer ✓
    Thanks yu_tang :) I already found them yesterday, but I didnt manage to delete this discussion or tick on of my own posts as answers. The only thing I really need now is norwegian months and Im all set :/

    Dates localization


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