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Critical: Update to 2.1.8, released 15 Jan.

Kudos to Vanilla's true open-source development policy

dandvdandv New
edited February 2012 in Feedback
So due to a couple features that my board needs, I ended up choosing MyBB for the time being. However, when it came to attempting to customize MyBB, I encountered the usual amount of bugs and issues, which I dutifully reported on their tracker, and even submitted patches for.

What was most unusual was their amazing stubbornness against accepting changes. Even something as minor as asking them to update their wiki met tremendous resistance. Another improvement, which a lot of users requested and which I wrote a patch for, is still being refused, even though I did all the work, and all they had to do was to pull a 9-line patch, of which 6 were comments.

Today, I got fed up with all this opposition and told them so. At the end of my post, I'm linking to the GitHub repo for Vanilla.

Go Vanilla Go! You may lack some of the features, you may lack a ton of devs, you may ignore my requests, but at least you don't shoot them down, and I believe you might have the right mindset.


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