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Locale translation for words like "don't"?

edited August 2011 in Questions

I'm working on a custom locale but run into problems when trying to translate phrases containing ' characters, like can't, don't, won't etc. Running the latest 2.0.18.b2

The below does not work because the ' character in "don't" will tell PHP that the string is ending, breaking the syntax:
$Definition['Don't have an account?'] = 'Har du inget konto?';

The below two versions are syntactically correct but has no effect:
$Definition["Don't have an account?"] = 'Har du inget konto?';
$Definition['Don\'t have an account?'] = 'Har du inget konto?';

Thankful for help!

Best Answer

  • yu_tangyu_tang New
    Answer ✓
    See applications/dashboard/views/entry/passwordform.php or password.php.
    $Definition['Don\'t have an account? %s'] = 'Don\'t have an account? %s';
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