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How to embed images inline in comments / posts?

edited September 2011 in Developers
I want to install Vanilla forums but I need a few things and I haven't been able to find add-ons for everything:
1. Mark a post as "solved" or "unsolved" (answered or unanswered): In my forums, people will be posting issues. I want to mark issue as solved. But if the OP things issue is not solved, the OP should be able to mark it as unsolved again.

2. Upload files and images: I want to allow users to upload images and files. Because my users will be posting issues, I want to allow them to post images/screenshots in-line. So, that people can see the image right in the post instead of having to download image.
I'd like to define a max fixed size of the image so that formatting of the forum doesn't get affected. If the image size is bigger, clicking on image will open it in a lightbox or a new window or maybe it will start image download. Either of those methods will do.

Can you help me find add-ons to do these?
- I found add-on for file-uploading but didn't find anything for displaying these uploaded images in-line.
- I also didn't find any add-on to mark a post answered/unanswered (solved, unsolved, and then solved again).


  • LincolnLincoln Community Instigator Vanilla Staff
    For number 2: Use the FileUpload plugin. It comes with an "Insert Image" link for each upload for doing them inline. It sets a maximum size by default just as you described.

    Sr Developer at Vanilla Forums [GitHub, Twitter]

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