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[Solved] change favicon by overwriting original in theme? possible?

camocamo New
edited October 2011 in Questions
change favicon by overwriting original in theme? possible? didnt seem to work, what am i missing?

Best Answer


  • @camo Sure it is possible - did you search the forum for a solution? I am pretty sure you will find it somewhere...
  • I tried it but it didnt seem to work, I made sure the file name was the same too. got me beat, but this isnt important, just cosmetic. :)
  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    edited October 2011
    Create a png with ico information in /themes/themefolder/design/favicon.png and Vanilla will use it.
  • camocamo New
    edited October 2011
    I did create a favicon.png and upload it there but it didn't change.
    can you elaborate on 'ico information' please?
    should it be favicon.ico instead? an icon file?
    If I switch to vanilla theme, my favicon displays, but not my theme.
  • I have tried using a favicon.ico file, a favicon.ico file renamed as favicon.png and creating a new favicon.png file, and putting them in the theme/design folder, and none seem to work. I presume there's nothing in v18 that stops this working? Does anyone have any ideas please?

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