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[SOLVED] Vanilla 1 (!) stopped working, and asks to upgrade*

edited October 2011 in Questions
Hello everyone,

So far, I've been quite absent from my Vanilla install. I've got a website, which I left pretty much on its own (very bad, I know). One of the forum users has contacted me saying the forum is no longer working. In fact I am presented with the following page:

I made a backup and tried to click on the bottom link to upgrade, but all I got was this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: formatcookiedomain() in /membri/tmc/Vanilla.1/setup/upgrader.php on line 221

Now, I am quite at loss here as I don't know what's going on, and I can't find a Vanilla version old enough for me to do a gradual upgrade (I guess?). I do hope nothing is lost, since there's a substantial amount of stuff I really wouldn't like to lose.

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for your time!

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