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Users cannot make themselves invisible in Who's Online Pro

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This discussion is related to the WhosOnline addon.
I have purchased Who's Online Pro, but the option for people to make themselves invisible doesn't seem to be working. I've allowed it under the "General Settings" for the plugin but when I toggle the option to "make me invisible" under my profile settings, nothing happens. In addition, the option I've chosen doesn't seem to save properly. Any thoughts?


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    Hey, I will look into it tonight and iron out any bugs, what version of vanilla are you on for reference?
  • Hi Gary. I am using Vanilla
  • AoleeAolee Hobbyist & Coder ✭✭
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    hi gary, i dont have the pro but it's also happening the same with ver 1.3

    i suspect it has something to do with class.onlineusers.plugin.php

    as for my case it's not falling in this condition so it's fetching everything all 1 & 0 values from the Invisible column

    if (!$Session->CheckPermission('Plugins.WhosOnline.ViewHidden'))
    $SQL->Where('w.Invisible', 0); // not being executed

  • No update on this Gary? If not, I'll want my $5 back as your Who's Online Pro product isn't working correctly as is.
  • Hi Gary

    Are you still supporting the pro plugin?

    if not can i also get a refund please.

  • fh111fh111 Vanilla Padawan ✭✭
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    Aolee said:
    as for my case it's not falling in this condition so it's fetching everything all 1 & 0 values from the Invisible column

      if (!$Session->CheckPermission('Plugins.WhosOnline.ViewHidden'))
          $SQL->Where('w.Invisible', 0); // not being executed

    this is being executed. the problem is that as soon as whosonline.js checks if a user is online, the Invisible '1' is changed back to to '0' in the database

    when you comment out all lines in whosonline.js the invisibility works and the value is not changed back to '0'

    i wish i knew how to fix it. but maybe somebody else does.

  • peregrineperegrine MVP
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    when you look in permissions for members or whatever role you want. - is the viewHidden box checked?

    if not try unchecking it and see if it solves your problem. I just experimented with it on my test machine with one user, but it seems to be hidden (and working properly) when the box is unchecked and the user wanted to be invisible.

    I tested on the non-pro version.

  • fh111fh111 Vanilla Padawan ✭✭
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    you mean under roles and permission in dashboard or in the settings of whosonline in the dashboard?

    or the permission table in the database?

    can't find anything labled viewHidden .. maybe it is different in the pro version

    the checkbox "Allow users to be invisible" in the general settings of whosonline is checked

    thanks for trying

  • In the non-pro version - in the dashboard - roles and permissions - edit member - there are 2 or 3 checkboxes - towards the bottom for specific whosonline settings - manage edit and viewhidden checkbox.
    When I uncheck - viewHidden - that means users cannot see :invisible users - if it is checked it will allow you to see everyone - invisible or not.

    Download the non-pro version and you will at least see where to look, if it is not in the pro version.

    If there is no checkbox in the proversion you can at least see what and where to change.

  • fh111fh111 Vanilla Padawan ✭✭

    Thanks for being specific. I just tried the non-pro version and turns out the pro does not have the checkboxes while the non-pro does. maybe i can manage to combine the two plugins

    i'll post my progress

  • wow this hasnt been touched in a while...have a pro and non pro version and cant get it to hide people who are invisible.

    any other ideas than the ones i tried up there?

  • hbfhbf wiki guy? MVP

    both the pro and non-pro version are incomplete pieces of software. in many respects the freeware version was actually a better plugin because for the most part, the functions that were there, worked.

    anyway, the real answer here is not a pretty one. The plugin needs to be rewritten if you want all of those functions to work. And no, you can't just slam the two pieces of code together and have it magically work. there are several differences between the two that make most of the code incompatible with each other.

    i had to take a chainsaw to the pro version when i got it to make it work for me. and no i dont have the invisible thing working... because i don't want anyone to be invisible, thats annoying.

  • is there a way of removing the 'invisible' option that members have in their profile?

  • Sure, I would if i could :) ... your comment has gone over my head. I've very limited ability here so genuinely do not know what would be involved to 'comment it out'

  • @Zendor

    is there a way of removing the 'invisible' option that members have in their profile?

    I haven't tested.

    try removing the code below from default.php in the whosonline plugin

      // User Settings
       public function ProfileController_AfterAddSideMenu_Handler(&$Sender) {
          $SideMenu = $Sender->EventArguments['SideMenu'];
          $Session = Gdn::Session();
          $ViewingUserID = $Session->UserID;
          if ($Sender->User->UserID == $ViewingUserID) {
             $SideMenu->AddLink('Options', T('Who\'s Online Settings'), '/profile/whosonline', FALSE, array('class' => 'Popup'));

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