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How to debug?

edited December 2011 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Vanilla Proxyconnect addon.

I am using proxy 1.9.8 and vanilla Version
my cms uses smarty,
My Authenticate URL is created by smarty and seems to be outputting the correct info and format
All the link urls work ok ie: when i click login i am directed to my main site login page etc.
My problem is that users are not created or logged in.
When I use the "test" feature in the dashboard I receive a blank page, with no apparent errors reported.

So at this point I'm unsure how to check exactly what is or is not happening.
code used to output auth:

    {assign var="user_login" value=$CI->session->userdata('user_login')}
{assign var="user_email" value=$CI->session->userdata('user_email')}
{assign var="user_id" value=$CI->session->userdata('user_id')}
{assign var="layout" value="UniqueID=$user_id,Name=$user_login,Email=$user_email"}
{if $node->title() == 'v'}
{if $session_user_id}
{include file="frontend/header.tpl"}


"node" being the template and "v" being the title of the page called in smarty for the ath url

this outputs source code:



any hints on how to proceed would be appreciated

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