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Tagging v 1.1

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edited December 2011 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

Looking for any threads on this, and difficult to find them, relating to the plugin itself. Also checked @Mark 's profile, and its not listed in there.

My question is: validation.

In class.tagging.php

line: 247
$Sender->Validation->AddValidationResult('Tags', 'You must specify at least one tag.');

Where can we enforce this, cannot do it in admin. Plus threads validate with no Tags. I wish to only allow theeads to be posted with MIN 2 tags added.

line: 253

$Sender->Validation->AddValidationResult('Tags', '@'.sprintf(T('You can only specify up to %s tags.'), $NumTagsMax));

Struggling to find where these can be set.
I note on line: 244
$NumTagsMax = C('Plugin.Tagging.Max', 5);

can we set this to Min ? and declare 2 ? also..

$NumTagsMax = C('Plugin.Tagging.Max', 5);
$NumTagsMin = C('Plugin.Tagging.Min', 2);

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