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I'm not sure if Vanilla 1 should be on the Addons site.

ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
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This discussion is related to the Lussumo Vanilla 1.2.2. addon.

@Subjunk is maintaining Vanilla 1 now and I'm not sure if he has a place for it here or not. Let me know what you want Subjunk. If you want it on addons here I'll switch the author to you. If not, I'll delete it.


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  • SubJunkSubJunk ✭✭
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    @Todd: Thanks for the consideration :) I don't think it matters much because the Vanilla 1 part of the addons site seems to be broken anyway (for new addons). I don't seem able to download any of the newer ones

    I'm working on lately so hopefully when that's finished we could add some "looking for Vanilla 1/2?" links on both websites, and just remove the Vanilla 1 stuff from this website altogether to make it easier for people

    By the way, I emailed Mark requesting the addons database a while ago but maybe he missed it, could you email it to me? It would save me having to manually add them all


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