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How to solve a perpetual return to the setup screen?

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I am unable to get out of a loop going back to the setup screen. This was not happening when I installed the software (Dreamhost) last night, however, a bug that was not letting anyone log in prompted me to do a full re-install on a clean database.

Things only got worse.

My installation (now at will write the DB and will write a config file but will not stop returning me to step one. I really like this forum's integration, it's miles ahead of bbPress. I'd really like to use it!

Any suggestions? Is there a debug mode I can enable?


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    Yes in conf folder , config-defaults.php

    Set debug to true , line 38 i think

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    I found the debug... didn't end up needing it (yet) as the answer was pretty obvious in a white error screen. Running setup a second time yields this:

    Fatal error: Class 'CategoryModel' not found in /.../ on line 65

    Has anyone seen this before?

    It's in this loop...

    if ($CategoryExists) {
    $CategoryModel = new CategoryModel();

    So it would appear to be breaking on category creation. But why?

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    Incorrect post here, edited

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