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Activity feed doesent show new forum posts

edited December 2011 in Questions

Hey guys.

Anyone know if its possible to display new forum posts and new comments on the activity feed?


Best Answer

  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
    Answer ✓

    There is a way to do this I think, but I'm reluctant to because:

    1. We've done this before and it really clogs up the activity feed.
    2. The data really looks redundant.
    3. Our latest development branch has changed so this won't be possible in the future.

    At any rate. Look in the table GDN_ActivityType and I think set Public = 1 for the appropriate type.


  • Hey Todd thx for the reply

    I understand it can become cloggy. However my community is very small, with low post count. This is why i believe the activity feed, if forum activity is monitred, can help boost the activity if not in the beginning. Then i can disable it later, and people can favorate and track topics etc.

  • Okay your information was very usefull. Now it works the way i want it. Kudos

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