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Critical: Update to 2.1.8, released 15 Jan.

Feature requests

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This discussion is related to the Vanilla CMS addon.

Must-have that would make VanillaCMS really usable:

  • availability to include custom, own, normal language PHP script except writing page in pure HTML. Custom Fields should also be available for this option.

  • direct discussion at the end of page as an option(not just creating a discussions that are shown under page)

  • attachments to page or availability to upload custom files and "adding them" to the page content(+ option for changing file name)

  • page visible only for logged users(or visible[in menu] for everyone but requiring logging for seeing content)

  • page visible only for specified users role

  • page visible only for selected users

That's all for now after 30 minutes of testing :) I'd be sooo happy if you will like these features and if they will come out before end of this month.



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