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Remove Category Management from right

edited January 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

I want to remove category management toggle box . Some body assist which file i have to touch.

Best Answers

  • JongosJongos
    edited January 2012 Answer ✓


    He's asked for the file... :)

    Now knowing the module file he could :

    1. remove the module & view... (make his Vanilla lighter)
    2. find the view file and make it output nothing.
    3. hide it via css


    you CAN hide page elements via CSS.

    .CategoryFollowToggleBox { display:none; }

  • whu606whu606 I'm not a SuperHero; I just like wearing tights... Moderator
    Answer ✓

    That's right - that's actually both of them.

    The space indicates that (afaIk) the element takes rules from the Box class AND the CategoryFollowToggleBox.

    You don't want to affect the Box rule, as that will affect all elements that have that rule.

    So in your custom css file add a rule like this:

    .CategoryFollowToggleBox {display: none;}

    and the element won't display.


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