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  • Tim February 2012
  • Todd February 2012

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Write access via the API?

dandvdandv New
edited February 2012 in Questions

The docs for the Vanilla API only mention read-only access.

Is there read-write access, perhaps undocumented? Or in the works?



  • TimTim Lord of Servers Vanilla Staff

    You can always POST to Vanilla as if you were a browser, so in that sense you've always been able to have write access.

    Vanilla Forums Senior Developer [GitHub, Twitter,]

  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff

    In addition to what Tim says, I've been wanting to get write access sealed off for a while now. However, we need a couple of things first:

    1. An oauth endpoint.
    2. This isn't required, but Vanilla puts Form/ before all form fields in the UI and kind of depends on that. I want to strip that out so that api calls are clean. This would require a good round of debugging though.
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