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Use the Download Now URL?

edited February 2012 in Questions
This discussion is related to the Addon Manager addon.

Hi, thanks for this great plugin!

Unfortunately it is not as simple to use as it could be. You first have to click "Download Now", which of course starts the download that you don't need, and then right click click "here to download now" to get the URL that can be used to install via this plugin.

It wouldn've been great if instead you could use the URL from the Download Now button. E.g. instead of

Would it be possible to make Addon Manager find the .zip file from that kind of URL automatically?




  • @NiklasG: Awesome plugin, great time saver, thank you!

    @forteller: Depending on your OS/browser, you should be able to simply right-click Download Now button to pop menu and select copy link/url address, which puts it on the clipboard. Simply paste into the Addon Manager field in your Dashboard and add .zip to end.

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