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It's not working for me on the latest version

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This discussion is related to the Sitemaps addon.

i have the latest version of vanilla, and it's not working for me. somebody please help. it's not creating a /cache/sitemap/

and the sitemap is not working and constantly gives me an error

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  • ToddTodd Chief Product Officer Vanilla Staff
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    We used to loop through the entire list of discussions which may provide a slightly nicer sitemap, but it's slow so it required us to generate a cached sitemap. This had to be manually regenerated and always seemed to fail on shared hosting environments and cause a lot of support questions.

    I ended up changing the sitemap plugin to the current version because it is dead simple an pluggable. It generates perfectly fine sitemaps. They don't give every discussion, but every page of discussion which all search engines can crawl just fine. Their crawlers are made to parse pages an crawl links.


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