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Is this a proper way to change Vanilla Forums database table prefix?

edited March 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

Are the following steps correct?

  • First install Vanilla Forums by following this doc.

  • Rename the 32 main tables in the DB from gdn_tablename to customprefix_tablename. For example, you would rename gdn_activity to op2mro445_activity.

The SQL command to be used in phpMyAdmin would be:

Rename table wp_commentmeta to op2mro445_commentmeta;

  • Now open /conf/config.php inside the Vanilla Forums' root directory and add this:

$Configuration['Database']['DatabasePrefix'] = 'op2mro445_'; (as per the example)

right after this: $Configuration['Database']['Password'] = 'samsak123';

My forum seems to be running fine after this. But I would still like to confirm — is it all?

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