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How to make a plugin's URL publicly accessible?

businessdadbusinessdad Stealth contributor MVP
edited March 2012 in Vanilla 2.0 Help

I think I'm getting a grasp of Vanilla's logic, but I'm still stuck on a few things. This one gives me the feeling that I'm missing something obvious. It's super-late here (as usual) and I may very well have the issue in front of my nose and not seeing it.

Long story short, I wrote a Controller_MyPublicMethod method in my plugin, and it's fired correctly when I open the URL http://localhost/plugin/myplugin/mypublicmethod. However, this happens only if I'm logged in as Administrator. If I log in with a normal user, or as anonymous, and try to open the URL, I get a Permission Denied error. I'd like that URL and related method to be accessible by everybody, including anonymous users. My new Controller method just contains echo "OK";, without checking any permission.

Any suggestion about what I could be doing wrong is very welcome, thanks. :)

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